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We Specialise In Peyronie’s Disease And Erectile Dysfunction

Peyronie’s Disease and its associated Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) affects more than 20% of all men. You are not alone.

Due to the nature of Peyronie’s Disease the sufferers will experience a degree of E.D. only add to the suffering of Peyronie’s Disease victims.

What Causes Peyronie’s Disease?

It is thought that Peyronie’s Disease is caused by trauma to the tissue of the penis, eventually resulting in internal scarring and plaque which binds or attaches to the tissue, causing erectile bends, shortening, narrowing, loss of sensitivity and sometimes pain. However, a full range of treatment is available to restore or fix all E.D. disorders and Peyronie’s Disease. You genuinely can get your life, and your erection back.

Today, Peyronie’s Disease continues to cause some intolerable bends and shortening of the penis. It is common for some of these bends to exceed ninety, or in extreme cases, even one hundred and eighty degrees, with significant shortening of the penis, frequently making penetrative sex impossible. Surprisingly, this condition affects approximately 20% of the male population to some degree, that is 2 guys in every 10 you know!

This video link explains E.D. & Shock Wave Therapy; A must watch for all men.

American E.D. Specialist, Mr Alex Tatem.

He takes the words right out of my mouth and explains ‘everything’ (even the machine we use) perfectly.

The same process, care and therapy, here at our Treatment Centre here in the UK!

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It is believed that the Disease is caused by trauma (Injury) to the penile tissue. Men frequently report a severe curve in their penis some weeks or months following a trauma which left significant bruising to the penile tissue.

In at least 10% of men, the body’s natural healing leaves scarring deposits under the skin of the penis. This scarring develops into a build-up of plaque, which becomes attached to the walls of the two (balloon like) cylinders called the Corpus Cavernosum which are responsible for expanding the penis into an erectile state, when plaque deposits attach to the tissue, the Corpus Cavernosum becomes inhibited from being able to expand in the area of the plaque deposits, which causes the five symptoms associated with Peyronie’s Disease, a curve (or severe bend) restriction in girth, shortening, loss of sensation and pain of the penis.

The same or similar affect can be obtained if you lay two deflated sausage shaped balloons on a table, then place sticky tape on a section of the balloons. See what happens when you blow the balloons up… the balloons is going to be shortened and bends in the direction of where the tape was stuck to the deflated balloon.

Today, new and advanced medical technologies in urology treatments for Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) are exciting doctors and urologists all over the world.

New medical treatment using ‘focused, high energy Storz acoustic shock waves,’ means more than 70% of men with ‘Peyronie’s Disease’ and severe Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) can be returned to spontaneous erections without the need for massively invasive surgical implants.

How do ‘Focused Acoustic Sonic Shock Waves’ work?

Although the name suggests an ‘electric shock’ focused acoustic shock waves are very harmless ‘acoustic sonic sound waves.’  It works by delivering ‘focused high intensity acoustic sound shock waves’ to affected scar and plaque tissues, which produce the effects known as Peyronie’s Disease.

Plaque and scar tissue (which cause all the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease, including loss of sensation, penis pain, bending, shortening and smaller restricted girth symptoms) are quickly broken down and eradicated. While focused, high energy, shock wave treatment also stimulates the creation of new blood vessels, increases blood flow and stimulates the body’s own accelerated healing, causing rapid natural repairing, healing AND regenerating of the damaged tissue. This becomes a lasting cure because it actually ‘fixes the root cause’ of Peyronie’s Disease and E.D. not just the symptom. A fantastic new discovery, with NO side effects at all.

Medical Trials and Clinical Facts: ‘Specialist Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ is better known for ‘painlessly’ destroying the internal kidney stones of patients without the need for general anesthetic or any surgical intervention.

Like the kidney stones, focused Shock Waves easily and painlessly destroys the plaque deposits in trauma sites of the penis which create and maintain Peyronie’s Disease, while restoring blood flow in existing blood vessels, stimulating the regeneration of healthy tissue and actually creating new blood vessels and their blood supply.

Medical trials revealed that just six (twenty minute) treatments over three weeks delivered life changing results.

Almost all men who have Shockwave treatment at York Therapy Centre are delighted to reporting ‘significant and life changing successes’ allowing a return to ‘spontaneous and sustained penetrative erections’ after receiving simple, painless treatments of ‘Shock Wave Therapy.’ 

We offer a range of treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.). Our expertise extends to Psychological and Physical therapies including the new and exciting ‘Storz Duolith SD 1, (Focused Shock Wave Therapy Machine) which is changing the lives of so many men with Erectile Disorders and Peyronie’s Disease all over the world.

Peyronie’s Disease: The History and Details

François Gigot de la Peyronie; (15 January 1678 – 25 April 1747) was a French surgeon who was born in Montpellier, France. His name is associated with the condition known as Peyronie’s Disease.

De La Peyronie, first described the irritation within the curvature of five men’s Penis’ in 1743. This effect became known by his name, Peyronie’s Disease.

All men with Peyronie’s Disease will also suffer with a degree of erectile dysfunction, many men feel a disfigurement, while also suffering from a severe psychological impact, often causing depression, shame, or embarrassment, which can also lead to isolation, which especially impacts on normally loving relationships/marriages. This can lead to huge amounts of intolerable anxiety, while Anxiety itself is a major cause of Erectile Dysfunction.

Treatment with ‘Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ for Peyronie’s Disease AND Erectile Dysfunction is extremely easy and non-invasive.

It usually takes just six treatments (two per week – for three weeks) each treatment only takes 20 minutes.

There are no side effects, treatment is completely private and confidential. It is completely painless, while proven to be extremely effective in medical trials, and frequently gives you a new future and your whole life back!

Call Our Senior Specialist Consultant Mr A. Wood, to arrange a Free and Private Initial Consultation by Phone or in the Therapy Centre Clinic.

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Peyronie’s Disease has three stages to its manifestation.

First Stage:

The first stage is the Trauma or Injury stage. While most small penile traumas are shrugged off as minor with no notable consequence, these small seemingly insignificant trauma sites can build up scarring and become more significant over time and years.

Some traumas to the penis are more memorable, especially if you ended up black and blue following ‘an event’ which brought tears to the eyes. Some of these ‘events’ can lead to a trauma known as a fractured penis (even though there are no bones in the penis). Trauma, or an Injury causing a fractured penis can be incredibly painful and frequently leads to a significant bend at the area of trauma, unless (and sometimes even when) emergency hospital treatment is found quickly. Many men suffering from a fractured penis will easily be able to look back and recall the trauma, or the bruising on their penis following the trauma.

The initial stage of a significant trauma (or fractured penis) which often cause swelling, bruising and pain are considered and treated as a medical emergency. Action following the first hours of the trauma is critical to avoid lasting and permanent damage, i.e. impenetrable erections, loss of erections, Erectile Dysfunction and/or Peyronie’s Disease.

This is a ‘Medical Emergency!’ An ambulance should be called, emergency urologists can often resolve any penile fracture or scarring, saving you from future Peyronie’s Disease. Yet many men feel embarrassed and say nothing to anyone, especially ambulance crews and hospital nurses!

Second Stage:

The second stage is called the active or developing phase. This typically lasts between twelve and eighteen months from the trauma creating the condition.

It is often associated with painful erections. One of three changes will happen to affect the sufferer while in this active phase. Around 15% of men will find an improvement in the condition. 40% will remain the same with no change, but 45% of men will find a worsening condition i.e. further bending and/or shortening within this phase. 

Third Stage:

The third and final stage is called the stable phase. This is the point where the curve is no longer increasing, the curve will remain stable, and you will notice that there is no longer as much pain (or none) associated with an erection. It is in this stage or after, that most men finally seek help.

Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease – 2nd Stage Development

The very nature of Peyronie’s Disease means that if you have just noticed the curve, pain or shortening, it is already too late for emergency hospital intervention to prevent the symptoms you are now suffering with. This is the active or developing second stage of Peyronie’s. The scarring and plaque build-up have already begun, and its effects are becoming known and alarmingly apparent to the sufferer.

There is a medical debate within this development stage, regarding the use of traction and or suction pumps in attempts to stretch the plaque and/or scarring tissue. Some argue in favour of using traction or suction devices, which theoretically help due to stretching the damaged penile tissue or trauma site, which include hidden scar tissue. Arguments for this, suggest that stretching enables and maintains elasticity of the affected area, while attempting to reduce the build-up of plaque, but another 50% argue that these stretching exercises only aggravate more scarring and more plaque build-up, as well as being an excessively painful daily trauma. Surgeons agree to put off any implant surgery until the Peyronie’s Disease has finished developing and has settled into a more stable state of its physiology. This is often more than 18 to 24 months after the initial symptoms have been discovered by their patients.

The only genuinely effective and proven treatment to stop and/or reverse second stage and third stage of Peyronie’s Disease is ‘Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy.’ With the ‘Storz Duolith SD1 Ultra.’ This is a focused, high intensity, high energy, acoustic shock wave therapy instrument. It has been medically proven to induce the regeneration of blood supply, stimulating the body’s own natural healing, while ‘focused shock waves’ harmlessly and painlessly break down scarring and plaque build-up, while healing and regenerating the affected tissue.

Medical trials saw men return to spontaneous penetrative erections after just six treatments.

Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease – 3rd Stage Development

95% of men who seek help at specialist E.D. centres like ours, are in the third and final stage of Peyronie’s Disease.

The most effective treatment (without invasive surgery treatment) for the third stage of Peyronie’s Disease is ‘Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy’ with the ‘Storz Duolith SD1 Ultra’. This focused, high intensity, high energy, Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy Instrument, has been medically proven to induce the regeneration of blood supply, stimulating the body’s own natural healing, while ‘focused shock waves’ harmlessly and painlessly break down scarring and plaque build-up, while healing and regenerating the affected tissue.

When the bend and resulting shortening from Peyronie’s Disease (or penile fracture) means that sexual penetration is difficult or no longer possible, the sufferer can hit a massive psychological and emotional brick wall, leading to rock bottom. This can be a time of immense distress and emotional confusion, while an inability to understand or accept the situation can turn the sufferers whole life upside down.

Stage three is considered the stable stage of Peyronie’s Disease, when the plaque, bend, shortening and pain have stabilised, leaving the sufferer in a great deal of confusion, whilst in sever cases it can leave men trying to come to terms with losing their sex life. This inevitably leads to enormous feelings of failure, inferiority and all the anxiety, stress and depression, which comes with such a massive blow to a man’s ego and pride, not to mention his relationship, marriage, self-respect and happiness. This new altered and negative state of mind affects almost every aspect of life, which can leave men feeling stunned and shocked while contemplating the fact that they are no longer the man they used to be.

Seeking medical help through an N.H.S. doctor is always recommended, although may be disappointing in terms of delays for appointments and restricted medical treatments.

N.H.S. treatments have been affected by Government cutbacks over recent years and are now severely restricted, many treatments which used to be available from the N.H.S. such as scar and plaque dissolving injections for Peyronie’s Disease and penile fractures are no longer available in the UK for E.D. (although, still available in other countries including the U.S.A.). Other important, proven and much needed therapies, such as specialist E.D. Psychotherapy sessions for men suffering severe stress and anxiety following E.D. and physical treatments like ‘Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ is not available from the N.H.S for E.D. or Peyronie’s Disease.

Current reports and our patient experiences teach us that the N.H.S. has/is becoming an even more restricted health service, which has resulted in very few N.H.S. options for established Peyronie’s Disease and/or advanced (acute) E.D. The remaining options are either suction devices, or (last resort) highly invasive surgery and surgically implanted inflatable devices which are only available if your E.D. meets an advanced degree of N.H.S. ‘criteria’, if this criteria is met… it is not unusual to have to wait for two years to see a Specialist Consultant, with a further three years wait after being added to the waiting list for implant surgery!

Important Information

75% of men on waiting lists for Invasive surgeries for penile implants, returned to successful spontaneous penetrative erections (without surgery) after finding and receiving just six therapy treatments, using easy and pain free ‘Shock Wave Therapy!’

Don’t throw away your ability to enjoy full natural erections with ‘irreversible surgery’ until you have tried this new revolutionary ‘Shock Wave Treatment’!

Call us now for full details. Most men recover in just three to six weeks!

Medical Trials With Shock Wave Treatments

Medical trials using ‘Specialist Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy’ show that men with third stage Peyronie’s Disease recovered significantly from all five symptoms (bend, length, pain, sensitivity and girth). Trials revealed a return to ‘spontaneous and lasting penetrative erections’ with full and effective function, without the need for invasive implant surgery!

Shock Wave Therapy was first designed and seen to break up kidney stones in the 1980’s without the need for general anaesthetic or any invasive surgery whatsoever. Its success and further development has led to the ‘Focused Storz Duolith SD 1 T-Top Ultra, Shock Wave Therapy Machine,’ specifically made for E.D. and Peyronie’s Disease but also thousands of other symptoms, including the break down of scarr tissue, stretch marks and other specific damage to tissue.

‘Radial Shock Wave Therapy’ is completely different to ‘Focused Shock Wave Therapy’

‘Radial Shock Wave Therapy’ is used in many aspects of professional sports injuries, while most physiotherapists use ‘Radial Shock Wave Therapy Machines’ which are much cheaper machines, used for hundreds of general muscles, tendons and physiological injuries.

Currently there is only one ‘Focused Shock Wave Medical Machine’ capable of the medical test results we have been talking about for E.D. and Peyronie’s Disease… the specialist, very advanced and reassuringly expensive ‘Storz Duolith SD 1 Focused Shock Wave Therapy Machine’. It treats thousands of symptoms including acute pain, muscle, tissue, bone and ligament trauma, the regeneration of healthy tissue and blood vessels. It is thought to simply simulate the body’s own natural healing capabilities to heal itself rapidly and naturally, while breaking down scar tissues and hard plaque, encouraging the regeneration of new tissue, painlessly and without any side effects. These machines are now used every second of the day, throughout the whole world.

 Success Rates With Shock Wave Treatment?

Most men with E.D. will see successful benefits from treatment with Shock Wave Therapy. However, this is dependent on normal neurological pathways being intact, allowing messages from the brain, to travel down the spinal cord to reach all neurological systems of the physical erectile function.

A much smaller proportion of E.D. sufferers may have an interrupted or broken neurological pathway, between the brain and erectile function and will not benefit as much from from Shock Wave Treatments because the signals from the brain are simply not reaching the desired erectile function. This broken pathway, may be caused by paralysis or surgical intervention for Cancers, etc. Current trials using Shock Wave Therapy ‘immediately after’ prostate surgery or prostate removal are looking hopeful so far… but we will have to wait for the final medical results to draw any of the incredibly positive conclusions, we are already seeing from part way through the trials.

Medical Trials are producing huge numbers of successful experiences and some incredible results from ’Shock Wave Therapy for E.D’. These results speak for themselves and explain a large increasing number of men attending our ‘York Therapy Centre’ from far and wide.

Our Specialist Consultant Therapist (Mr A. Wood) has decades of experience in E.D. therapy, which only adds to our patient’s benefits, when combined with ‘Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy. Other treatments for the best possible results may include function exercises and medical diet information if required. 

50% of men between the ages of 40 to 70 suffer, anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, low self-esteem, headaches, and many other psychological illnesses, simply because they suffer from the anxiety caused by erectile dysfunction. New technological advances in Shock Wave Treatment for physical cause E.D. and Peyronie’s Disease is an exciting ‘game changer’ for urologists and E.D. sufferers all over the world and it’s making the cure of E.D. easy, painless, affordable and quick.

Many men mistakenly believe their E.D. cannot be helped, or they feel too embarrassed to seek help. Today’s technology means that almost ALL E.D. can be fixed. Don’t allow yourself to suffer in silence, nor waste one more day. Getting your sex life back gives you your whole life back too, from your confidence to your family and your relationships.

Life changing ‘Successful Treatment’ using Shock Wave Therapy will not break the bank and brings a positive change to your whole outlook, life and your future!

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If you are suitable for treatment with Shock Wave Therapy, getting your life and sex-life back with the treatment is simple, easy, painless and normally completed in just three to six weeks.

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