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Cellulite Pain & Scars

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Shock Wave Therapy Has Many Applications Including Cellulite Reduction, Scar and Pain Healing…

Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Therapy is used in many hospitals across the World, it is an effective treatment for tissue injuries and is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Whenever trauma or injury leaves tissue damage, it is almost inevitable that there will be a degree of scaring within the area which has been damaged. These scars could be caused by surgery, accident, or the result of some other trauma such as stretch marks left from pregnancy, etc.

Scar Treatment:

Medical trials have shown that Shock Wave Therapy is a fantastic aid to helping scar tissue; it’s use and application cause tiny amounts of ‘Micro-Trauma’ to the area where it is applied, this in turn creates a trigger response from the body’s own natural healing defences, while the Shock Waves work to break down scar tissue (similar to breaking down plaque with Peyronie’s Disease).

Cellulite Reduction:

Shock Wave Therapy has been shown to reduce cellulite dramatically, simply by encouraging the regeneration of the body’s healing and the regeneration of tissue and tiny capillary blood vessels to the areas affected… Results from professional treatments speak for themselves. Look up ‘Cellulite Reduction with Shock Wave Therapy trials’ the results of the trials are there for all to see…

The first pictures below show before and after pictures of a lady using Focused Shock Wave Treatment for Cellulite of the thighs.

 The second picture shows how ladies collagen and elastin fibres are structured.

Focused Shock Waves create a Micro-Trauma in the area we are working on, this increases blood flow to the area, as well as regenerating new blood vessels into the area too. 

This focused Micro-Trauma also helps lymphatic drainage for the removal of broken down fats, allowing them to drain away into the lymph where they are processed out of the body naturally. 

Specialist beauticians work hard at our Centre to ensure only the best results for your cellulite, scars or pain here in our Centre.

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Pain Reduction and/or Cure.

Focused Shock Wave Therapy applied to an area of the body suffering from pain, can show dramatic results and massive reductions in pain; Why? Because Shock Wave Therapy creates a ‘Micro-Trauma’ in the affected area which stimulates all the natural healing capabilities of our own Bodies to become focused within that area. When we hurt, damage or cause trauma to our body, our brain unconsciously recognises the trauma and triggers an unconscious physical healing response. ‘Focused Shock Waves’ seem to be able to trigger this unconscious healing response, allowing for a re-focused and rapid healing in those areas, while at the same time, being able to regenerate healthy tissue.

Shock Wave Therapy is being used by physiotherapists all over the world to help with these problems. However, many of the machines used are the much cheaper Radial Shock Wave‘ machines, or home Shock Wave machines which simply do not have the proven abilities as the ‘Focused Shock Wave’ machine – the Shorz Duolith SD1…

Shock Wave Therapy has been clinically proven and is recognised by top orthopaedic hospitals and many professional sports bodies. In addition, ESWT is covered by private health insurers. Shock Wave Therapy involves passing short, intense energy sound waves, travelling faster than the speed of sound, into affected tissues. This causes Micro-Trauma, increases blood flow and stimulates an acute inflammatory response which aids the healing process. Shock Wave Therapy is used in physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology and orthopaedics to provide fast pain relief and increased mobility. (Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Therapy ESWT) is increasingly used as a treatment for health problems such as Erectile Dysfunction, slow-healing wounds, cellulite and the loss of collagen.

The Many Benefits of Shock Wave Therapy Include:

  • Immediate improvements with fast recovery
  • No potential complications
  • No anaesthesia
  • Non-invasive treatment plan
  • No medication or painkillers
  • Fast treatment: 20 minute sessions
  • Significant clinical benefit is often seen just 6 to 8 weeks after treatments.

Shock Wave Therapy is a genuine ‘game changer’ for men suffering with Erectile Dysfunction and York Therapy Centre is delighted to offer this new and ‘Life Changing Technology’ – ‘Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Treatment’ is changing the lives of thousands of men all over the World.

Men of all ages are benefiting from these technologies, from young men, all the way through to some older men in their 90’s. Our treatment plans are tailored to individual needs, from performance enhancement, through to sufferers from chronic and long-term erectile problems. If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, or Prostatitis (Pelvic Pain Syndrome). Just six, easy and painless Shock Wave Therapy treatments, can change your whole life. This new and exciting technology is a genuine ‘Game Changer’ for many men who previously had no alternative but to undergo irreversible, invasive surgical implants or surgical intervention. Shock Wave Therapy is allowing thousands of men to return to sustained, spontaneous erections, which are reinvigorating men’s freedom as they rediscover their confidence, while returning to an active sex life.

Extremely Experienced Consultants and Skilled Practitioners Are Using A Range Of The Latest Treatment From ‘Shorz focused Acoustic Shock Wave Technologies Here At York Therapy Centre.’

What Can Be Treated with Shock Wave Treatment?

Shock Wave Therapy has become widely popular and accessible as it is clinically proven to provide fast and effective results, along with the added bonus of no medication and its non-invasive nature.

Many injuries and disorders have been effectively treated with the use of shock Wave Therapy, including, but not limited to:

Plantar Fasciitis

Calcium deposits on the underside of your heel bone are closely associated with the inflammation of the plantar fascia. Both symptoms can cause a limit in your daily activities. Shock Wave Therapy can treat both of the problems simultaneously and result in a fast recovery and a return to your daily routine.

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome typically occurs due to activities placing large amounts of stress through the tibialis anterior muscle. These activities may include fast walking or running. Traditional treatment involves prolonged periods of rest and recovery time, however, with Shock Wave Therapy, the recovery time is significantly shorter.

Jumper’s Knee

Jumper’s Knee is an inflammation or injury of the patellar tendon that causes pain and reduced range of movement. This condition may interfere with or even end your patient’s sporting career regardless of their age and is difficult to treat. Shock Wave therapy offers a simple and immediate solution. Patients feel relief immediately following the first session and in several treatments the cause and the pain vanish.

Treatment with ‘Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ for Cellulite, Scars and Chronic Pain Syndrome is extremely easy, quick and non-invasive.

It usually takes several treatments which are tailored to the individual’s requirements.

There are no side effects, treatment is completely private and confidential. It is completely painless, while proven to be extremely effective in medical trials.

Focused Shock Wave Treatment frequently brings you a new lease of life and a new found confidence which can change your whole life!

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Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

With age and use, muscles and tendons in the hip can get overused, or the cartilage can wear down and become damaged. Any of these conditions can lead to hip pain. Shock Wave Therapy can enhance the healing process, fight inflammation, eliminate pain and prevent the need for hip replacement surgery.

Myofascial Pain Syndromes

Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a chronic pain condition affecting the musculoskeletal system. It can cause deep pain, knots in muscles and sleep disturbance. Shock Wave Therapy is effective in relieving pain for sufferers of Myofascial Pain Syndrome after a few sessions.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions affect the joints, bones and muscles, and also include rarer autoimmune diseases and back pain. ESWT has proven in studies to be highly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions with symptoms relieved quite quickly after treatment.


Calcific Tendonitis

Calcific Tendonitis, or Calcific Tendinitis, is a chronic pain disorder that is caused by the calcifications of rotator cuff tendons, causing pain and limiting your range of movement. Shock Wave Therapy stimulates your natural healing process by increasing blood supply and breaks up calcium deposits on the tendon and triggers pain relief.

Chronic Tendinopathy

Cumulated Micro-Traumas from repetitive overloading can result in Chronic Tendinopathies, such as Achilles Tendinopathy of Hamstring Tendinopathy. Both inflammation of the tendon and damage on the cellular level are successfully treated with Shock Wave Therapy. Shock Wave Therapy significantly reduced the pain that accompanies Tendinopathies and improves functionality and quality of life.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is a common condition and can affect up to 10% of the population. Unfortunately, the traditional treatment of epicondylitis involves medication (painkillers and steroid injections), has a long rest period and often needs follow-up treatments. Shock Wave therapy, on the other hand, provides faster pain relief and cure.

Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

70% of men with E.D. will see successful benefits from treatment with Shock Wave Therapy, this is dependent on normal neurological pathways being intact, allowing messages from the brain, to travel down the spinal cord to reach all neurological systems of the physical erectile function.

25% to 30% of E.D. sufferers who have an interrupted or broken neurological pathway, between the brain and erectile function, will not benefit from Shock Wave Treatments because the signals from the brain are simply not reaching the desired erectile function. This broken pathway, may be caused by paralysis or surgical intervention for cancers, etc. Current trials using Shock Wave Therapy ‘immediately after’ prostate surgery or prostate removal are looking hopeful so far… but we will have to wait for the final medical results to draw any of the incredibly positive conclusions, we are already seeing from part way through the trIals.

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If you are suitable for treatment with Shock Wave Therapy, getting your life and sex-life back with the treatment is simple, easy, painless and normally completed in just three weeks.

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