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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, Peyronie’s Disease Treatments And Pelvic Pain Syndrome Treatments with new ‘Ground-Breaking’ And Exciting ‘Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy Is Our Speciality’.

Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) and Peyronie’s Disease affects more than 20% of all men. It affects 50% of men between 40 and 70 years old. If you suffer too, you are certainly not alone.  There are many reasons behind the root cause of E.D. Almost all root causes of E.D. lead to one common factor in erectile dysfunction… ‘A lack of sustained blood supply to the penis.’ Rectifying this common factor of sustained blood supply, is the answer to cure or fix E.D. for thousands of men.

What is Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.)?

Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) is generally known to be a condition which relates to the ‘poor-quality’ or ‘inability’ to have, or maintain a penile erection. It is also associated with the inability to sustain a good quality durable erection to complete sexual activities. This ‘declining rigidity’ all too often leads to a inability to produce an erection, even when desperately desired. 

What Causes E.D.?

A penile erection is achieved when the bodies blood enters and fills two (balloon like) cylinders called the Corpus Cavernosum which run from the ‘root of the penis’ and along the length of the shaft, forming the erection of the penis. E.D. is caused when (or because) the natural ability of the body to fill the penis with blood has been compromised, which can be caused for several reasons.

This video link explains E.D. & Shock Wave Therapy; A must watch for all men.

American E.D. Specialist, Mr Alex Tatem.

He takes the words right out of my mouth and explains ‘everything’ (even the machine we use) perfectly.

The same process, care and therapy, here at our Treatment Centre here in the UK!

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What Are the Root Causes of E.D.?

Restricted blood flow is ultimately the main root cause of erectile dysfunction, which is why most treatments, including ‘blue pills’, pumps, traction, Shock Wave Therapy and surgery ALL work to create the same goal – to improve or fix an unrestricted ‘blood flow’ to create a sustained penetrable erection.

Deterioration of Blood Supply

Restricted blood flow is ultimately the root cause of erectile dysfunction, which is why most treatments, including ‘blue pills’ pumps, traction, shock wave Therapy and surgery ALL work to create the same goal – to improve or fix ‘Blood Flow’ to create a sustained penetrable erection.

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

In a huge proportion of patient cases, erectile dysfunction is caused by something physical. Common causes include:

  • Heart disease
  • Peyronie’s disease, (see page dedicated to Peyronie’s Disease)
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome. A condition of increased blood pressure, high insulin levels, body fat of the waist, with high cholesterol levels
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis)
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Some prescription medications
  • Use of tobacco
  • Social drugs abuse
  • Low testosterone
  • Alcoholism
  • Sleep disorders
  • Treatments for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate
  • Surgeries or injuries affecting the pelvic region or spinal cord

Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The conscious and unconscious mind play a massive key role in triggering a series of physical (or psychosomatic) reactions, including creating and maintaining a good quality erection. The process is started and maintained with feelings of sexual arousal and or excitement. Several issues (both conscious and unconscious) can interfere with sexual feelings causing or making worse erectile dysfunction.

Main triggers include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mental health conditions
  • Stress
  • Inferiority complexes
  • Confidence
  • Obsessive or compulsive disorders
  • Worrying
  • Relationship problems
  • Other psychological concerns

Psychological and Emotional Affects

All men suffering with Erectile Dysfunction feel a degree of ‘loss.’ Many men begin to feel inferior or inadequate, while suffering from a severe psychological impact, often causing depression, shame, or embarrassment, which can also lead to isolation; This impacts on normally loving relationships and or marriages. This can lead to huge amounts of intolerable anxiety, while anxiety itself is a major cause of psychological Erectile Dysfunction.

The sad reality is that many men, put off getting help for their E.D for a long time (even several years) before seeking help at specialist E.D. centres like ours.

Blue pills have been a massive aide over recent years for those suffering with mild to moderate E.D. and often work for several years, but it has its side effects and its draw backs and in some cases, it simply stops being as effective as it once was for some men.

Treatment with ‘Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ for Peyronie’s disease AND Erectile Dysfunction is extremely easy and non-invasive.

It usually takes just six treatments (two per week – for three weeks) each treatment only takes 20 minutes.

There are no side effects and treatment is completely private and confidential. It is completely painless, while proven to be extremely effective in medical trials, it frequently gives you a brand new future and your whole life back!

Call Our Senior Specialist Consultant Mr A. Wood, to arrange a Free and Private Initial Consultation by Phone or in the Therapy Centre Clinic.

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When E.D. means that sexual penetration is no longer possible, (or difficult) the sufferer can hit a massive psychological and emotional brick wall and rock bottom soon follows.

This can be a time of immense distress and emotional confusion; disbelief of the situation can turn the sufferer’s whole life upside down.

This is often the point at which many men visit our Centre, often thinking that there is no real cure for their E.D. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, no matter how bad things may seem, there is a cure, or a fix for almost every man with E.D. even when the sufferer is in a great deal of confused turmoil or shock. Many men (mistakenly) get to a point where they think; “I just have to come to terms with losing my sex life.” This inevitably leads to enormous feelings of failure, inferiority and all the anxiety, stress and depression which comes with such a massive blow to a man’s ego and pride, not to mention his relationship, marriage, self-respect, and happiness.

This new, altered, and negative state of mind affects almost everything, even confidence at work, leaving a man stunned and shocked while contemplating the fact that he believes he is no longer the man he used to be.

Seeking medical help through an N.H.S. Doctor is always recommended, although may be disappointing in terms of delays for appointments and restricted medical treatments.

N.H.S. treatments have been affected by cutbacks over recent years and are now severely restricted. Many treatments which used to be available from the N.H.S. such as scar and plaque dissolving injections for Peyronie’s disease and penile fractures are no longer available in the UK for E.D. (although still available in most other countries including the U.S.A.) Other important and proven therapies, such as specialist E.D. Psychotherapy sessions for men suffering severe stress and anxiety following E.D. and physical treatments like focused Shock Wave Therapy is not available from the N.H.S for E.D. or Peyronie’s disease.

Current reports and patient experiences teach us that the N.H.S. is becoming an even more restricted health service, which has resulted in very few N.H.S. options for established Peyronie’s disease and or advanced (acute) E.D. The remaining options are either suction devices, or (last resort) highly invasive, surgery and surgically implanted inflatable devices which are only available if your E.D. meets an advanced degree of N.H.S. ‘criteria,’ if this criteria is met… it is not unusual to have to wait for two years to see a Specialist Consultant, with a further three years wait after being added to the waiting list for implant surgery!

Important Information

60 to 70% of men on waiting lists for invasive surgeries for penile implants, returned to successful spontaneous penetrative erections (without surgery) after finding and receiving just six therapy treatments, using easy and pain free ‘Shock Wave Therapy!’

Don’t throw away your ability to enjoy full natural erections with ‘irreversible surgery’ until you have tried this new revolutionary ‘Shock Wave Treatment!’

Call us now for full details. 70% of men recover in just three weeks!

How Dose It Work?

Although the name suggests a form of ‘electric shock’ Focused acoustic shock waves are harmless ‘sonic sound waves.’

It works by delivering ‘focused high intensity acoustic sound shock waves’ to affected internal tissues, which increases blood flow, breaks down deposits of plaque, stimulates the body’s own accelerated healing, while repairing ‘and’ regenerating brand new blood vessels, which ‘fixes the root cause,’ not just the E.D.


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If you are suitable for treatment with Shock Wave Therapy, getting your life and sex-life back with the treatment is simple, easy, painless and normally completed in just three to six weeks.

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